Basm laptops opinion


What do you think about BASM laptops [] ?


I have never heard of BASM laptops, but I checked it out since you mentioned it.

I don’t buy a single thing on their website. They use a lot of buzz words, and then give no specifics on how their system would be more secure (apart from general things like encryption)

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I’ve never heard of it until now.
I am very skeptical (but not necessarily doubtful) about claims like “Built with Zero vulnerabilities” and “Impossible for hackers”. (edit, ok I am doubtful about this one)

I see a lot of marketing terms, but I don’t see anything saying what exactly CryptoData OS is. I am assuming it’s a Linux distribution, but I see no links to code repositories anywhere. If their code isn’t open, I trust it exactly 0%.


Yes, it sounds like their answer is “Yo dawg, we heard you like security, so we encrypted your encryption.”


Looks like an AD for a 90’s hacker movie :slight_smile: Lots of buzzwords, zero information

Voice over blockchain protocol lol

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I could only make it through 1 minute of the 2+ minutes before I was laughing so hard I couldn’t continue :rofl:

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OMG. I can’t even tell whether this is satire. That’s a bad sign, but a sign of the times.

It’s a “no” from me. Lots of marketing fluff. Almost no specifics. No way would I buy, for all the reasons already given, and more.

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Yeah. That makes sense for me too. I saw their magazine inside a Mall these days and there were lots of people (sad).

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They offer a smartphone, too:

I love the fancy triangular (USB?) privacy key for both devices.

I think this explains their technology stack:

Because sometimes 100% protection is NOT enough!

Great website. So far I’m felling entertained well.


Smells fishy. Their service works with Google. Need to say more? Their site and products are too flashy. Likely a bait for people with candy eyes syndrome. I’d bet their so called encryption and privacy features are just a false advertising. I couldn’t find who their CEO and workers are until I saw the obvious, their address, duh. Their company’s in Romania, gypsy capital of the world. Romany phone and laptop lol.

Fishy? Then why would they offer a $1 million reward for whoever breaks their encryption? /s

Is the crypto & protocols even published? I don’t find anything on the website. Only plenty of buzzwords. So they offer money for an closed algorithm. So we can be sure that the crypto is not safe. But to hack the thing a participant would have to buy their stuff to analyse it.

There is so much stuff on the site but so little substance. Great website. More of that please. :smiley:

Even if you broke their encryption, do you really believe they would send you a check? A million of dollars would be like a pocket change to them if they’re making too much profits from selling their fancy knick-knacks to dumb people which there are so aplenty of around. You could bet there are more than one million of dumb people in the world, so say one million of $1,000 phones have been sold (but still not yet produced and shipped), Cryptodata gets to profit a billion dollars, that’s 1/1000th of profits they might be willing to give that much away, even if they don’t pay taxes. You could go ahead order one from them yourself and when you do finally got their phone, won’t you let us know? lol.

On their list of security features, “Privacy” is marked as both “secured” and “encrypted.”

What does it mean to encrypt privacy? lol


Either there are some bad translations from Romanian to English, or this is BS. I know which one I would put my money on :slight_smile:

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In case you didn’t get it, my previous message was sarcasm. That’s why I put /s at the end, but it seems even that wasn’t enough


/s closes off a strikethrough, so I usually just type /sarcasm.

More on topic, Their offerings remind me of the BOB cellphone. Also advertising voice over blockchain! Except…now having looked it up again after I first saw it years ago, BOB looks like it’s actually trying and isn’t just showcasing renders. I can also actually extract meaning from the text on the Function X (not be confused with f(x)tec) site.

Supposedly cryptodata OS is an an android fork. I say supposedly because their website has failed to convince me that anything they’re selling even exists. Apparently it does though in some capacity but it doesn’t seem to be what their website suggests. As for the laptop, I suppose it’s not that hard to take Bliss OS and shove your own settings app, default applications, and launcher into it, then set the laptop up to dual boot.

I don’t trust these guys, much like I (like to think I) wouldn’t have trusted Encrochat.

I haven’t even seen a hint that the smartphone is based on Android or so. This is all, mysterious. It’s like X files.

But its getting better and better. Everything gets explained here:

Warning:You may hurt yourself watching this

I wonder a) how this can be legal and b) if they sell devices to produce bitcoins and let the customers pay for HW, network and energy.

Later the situation got worse and he’s feeling robbed.

P.S.: poor customers

Oh I’m not good at reading that kind of thing, not even emoji. Language/code of internet forums have evolved beyond me that I usually get lost.

Indeed, what kind of encryption they use. If you send encrypted email to someone who doesn’t not have the same encryption system, would it still work? Is it open pgp? I’d bet not. Even if someone cracked their cheap encryption, all they could do is change a few codes then tell crackers to try again as they would feed bread pieces to the ducks.

Good for Chris. I’d bet there are more victims not forthcoming has he is and probably are embarassed or don’t care.

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