Batch Fir not an option?

When I got the batch email, I saw Fir was not an available option. I was just wondering why that was.

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Edit: read the @arisdorf answer and wait for FAQ update

Previous message:
Fir was announced as “the public plans for the second revision of the phone for context.”, not as a already available option (and not the same device).
If you want Fir, Librem 5 V2, cancel your purchase and wait mid-2020 or later for update.


Not sound advice. Quoting a batch reply I received from Purism regarding the same topic:

Hello Librem 5 Backer with questions,

Due to our small team and the large influx of inquiries since the Batch Selection e-mail, here is a quick rundown of the common questions and their answers. We will be adding these to the Batch FAQ soon.

  • Why wasn't Fir listed as an option in the Batch Selection E-mail?

Fir is a phone in the future, the 2nd revision of the Librem 5. We mentioned it to be transparent for our product roadmap and are fine if people select it. But, as it's a completely different phone model, the timeline given for shipping is a rough estimate. It will be a 1+ year before release.

If you select/selected Fir as your first option and end up changing your mind down the road, you will be eligible for Evergreen once it starts shipping.

  • Will the chassis on the early batches be plastic or metal?

The chassis for all batches will be aluminum. First few milled then made from molds.

  • What is milled vs molded aluminum?

Milled is when one takes a chunk of something, in this case aluminum, and uses rotary cutters to shave material off until the chunk is in the shape of a phone chassis.

Molded means one pours liquid aluminum into a rigid matrix, or mold, to form the phone chassic.

  • What is the quality of the chassis?

As per the Batch FAQ, it will be a high quality chassis, just a difference of manufacturing technique and slight tweaking between batches.

  • What are the differences in switches and can I buy the newer ones for an older batch?

The difference is mentioned in the Batch FAQ (link below).

Whether one can purchase or change switches will be known at a later date.

  • When will Purism be sending out the e-mail to confirm shipping address and modem selection?

We will do so before we begin each batch shipment.

  • Will you have issues delivering the Librem 5 to certain countries since the phone won't be CE & FCC certified?

As mentioned in the FAQ, the radios are already certified. We do not foresee any issues with shipping the earlier batches due to the nature of those batches.


So if someone selected Fir in the mail as first option, he will be listed for it, and he could change later his mind if he prefear to go for Evergreen? Or do i misunderstood?

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That’s what it sounds like to me.

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That’s what I understood as well. Key thing here though is that Purism doesn’t -at this stage and rightly so- want to commit to any firm timelines for Fir. I find it commendable from their part to afford this flexibility for those of us who want it.


Also note that when Fir ships, they’ll already have announced plans for Gopherwood (or whatever g-name-tree). If you want the best version, you’ll never actually get it, since you’ll just keep delaying.

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I said

  1. Evergreen
  2. Aspen
  3. Birch

Fir would be even better than Evergreen.

in my e-mail. Does that mean that I am listed for Evergreen or Fir?

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I wish i knew that. I would have selected Fir as preferred batch. Because I’m convinced that the chip advancement would be worth the extra wait (6,7 months) compered to Evergreen. I don’t care much for the speed, but the power consumption is #1 on the list.
But, on the other hand , waiting for another whole year doesn’t make much sense. Especially, when you can get it once it’s released. I doubt it’s gonna be a long wait after the purchase.
If I find my Evergreen causing “battery anxiety” I can sell it and wait for v.2.

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I’d prefer waiting for Fir at first and then if it turns out that it takes too long to go back to Evergreen.


for me it’s:

  1. Evergreen - 2 L5s
  2. Fir - the rest (if/when it becomes an option)
  3. none