Batch Fir order

to place a order on Batch Fir, have i to wait until the release roll for Batch Evergreen is over?


or just order the evergreen batch and have a sudden change of heart later ? :sweat_smile:

I would suggest you to ask them via mail. I expect that it’s possible as purism was customer friendly in this regard in the past. If you get a response feel free to share it here :wink:


just sent the Operations/Shipping team a E-mail! I will update as soon i get a reply from them. :innocent:

  • I cant wait, so i get myself a Evergreen version!
  • I’l wait for the Fyr version!

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I for one would like to use my current pre-order to be applied to a Fir batch device .

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Have you asked for that to be the case?

Me? Yes i did. I wrote the question exactly how I did on this topic.

As it happens, I was asking @Some_dude36

Forum software bug / feature that it doesn’t always link a reply correctly to a post.

i got a response which was: No, you don’t. Just add a note during checkout that you would like the Fir batch. I hope it’s more as clear for all curious people now :slight_smile:


for clarity sake that means that you DO have the option of paying now for a Fir batch even if the present order is done for the evergreen batch. exactly what i’ve done only i’ve opted for a mix (i’ll get both when they are ready) … and i should hope that conditions don’t change so much that i won’t see any benefits to my investment … :mask:

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I wrote them , awaiting a response.

Actually I’d received a response . They didnt say they WILL do it but I got a response from Jose Azevedo that my " batch preference has been updated to Fir " . However it appeared to just be my batch " preference " so not sure whether that was a " yes " or " we’ll try "


more like a “yes we’d be happy to oblige but due to the unstable foundation our society is going through right now we’re UNCERTAIN what might befall of your Fir preference” :mask::face_with_thermometer:


I would take that basically as a “yes”. The term “preference” is presumably being used because with the original choice of batch preference between A … E it really was only a preference, as they couldn’t guarantee that, for example, everyone who wanted to be in batch A would actually make it into batch A if batch A is oversubscribed.

The only uncertainty with Fir is that you are buying an as yet non-existent product. So, on the one hand, it is like backing the original project - subject to uncertainty about whether and when - but hopefully with a lower risk than the original project, and hopefully not quite so long a lead time.

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whatever . If the Fir v2 batch falls through Im sure Purism would hopefully still give me a gen 1 evergreen .


They have to…

It has probably come up before, but I was wondering whether the Fir incarnation of the Librem5 will have a different form factor. Or, to put it more bluntly, will it be less thick/bulky?

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?so you ordered evergreen and fir? Just to have a second phone as reserve from Same Exemplar OR to financial support them?

yes both Evergreen batch AND Fir are in my current order (not that this should matter for people)

:slight_smile: look i’m not so deluded to think that my poor order is great enough to make a difference on it’s own. My idea was that if a couple thousand people support Purism they have a bigger chance of success and … so do we in the end as investors …


plot twist: they will succeed :smiley:

I wanted that too and for 2 weeks I received no response from their team, so I ended up cancelling my order. I saw others who were allowed to change