Batch GCD algorithm security audit

so what do you think guys … is this a good time to refresh our public keys ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

who let the bot in ?

i could have sworn i’ve seen a registered account drop a bunch of sketchy links inside this thread but now i see NO trace of that having happened … what ? somebody is doing a good job at cleaning the ‘junk’ out it seems :wink:

See also my comments at: How does mass surveillance works? and subsequent replies.

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how does a registered account that drops sketchy links in on thread disappear without a trace ? like it never dropped-by in the first place … i can’t even see the name of the account now :crazy_face:

Oh stop it, you. It’s for people like you that we know who Herostratus was and what he has done :slight_smile:

people like me ? what do you mean ? i suppose i should be glad that you didn’t call me a bot :joy:

I mean there was a bot, it got erased, and yet you kept recalling it.
Btw, my gpg key is fine.

can i even do that ? is it like calling a dog … ‘here boy, here boy’ :sweat_smile:

please teach me SENPAI to be as cool as you GPG nerds !

Patience, KOHAI, patience.

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