Battery capacity zero after full charge and hard reboot

Last year a number of Librem users reported a strange issue with the laptop battery not charging. I too faced this issue on several occasions when forced to do a hard reboot due to a laptop freeze (ie press the power button for 5 seconds until the laptop powers off completely). I found a solution to this issue which seems to have worked for a numbers of users.

Recently the screen freezes have reappeared (I keep my OS regularly updated, and I am assuming something changed recently). I had to hard reboot 3 times today. On the last reboot I was charging my laptop and the battery had reached 100%. When I rebooted the battery capacity showed 0% and now the battery does not charge any more.

I am assuming the previous battery charging problem got fixed for the scenario where the battery is partially charged…as I have done a hard reboot several times with partial battery and the problem did not crop up.

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after several attempts of rebooting with no success, I decided to drain the battery down again. I powered off last night thinking of using up the remaining battery in the morning, but to my surprise when I booted up this morning the battery icon was showing the capacity again…
go figure! Maybe the fact that the battery cooled down overnight may have had an impact?

Anyhow, this is the 2nd time I have this issue 9the first time I only resolved it by letting the battery run down). I will report back here if I find anything else.

things are getting worse, after finally draining the battery the laptop rebooted with a battery indicator showing 0% but now it is not chargning (it shows charging but the battery level remains at 0%),

@mladen suggested physically disconnecting the battery which I did (once disconnected I pressed the power button for 10 sec) but when I reconnected and rebooted, the battery is still at 0% and charging for the last 10 mins now.

Anyone has any idea how to reset the battery controller?