Battery changable

Will the Battery of the Librem 5 be changable without problems?

Directly from the Librem 5 product page:

User-Replaceable Battery
With the industry’s obsession about thinness and “disposable” devices, the majority of phones manufactured in recent years embed the battery as non-replaceable part of the phone, typically soldered directly onto the motherboard. The problem is, all batteries age and wear with use, and after a few years no longer hold the charge. Devices with non-user replaceable batteries therefore become expensive paperweights destined for the garbage dump.

We believe that you should be able to use your phone as long as you want to. That’s why the Librem 5 will include non-soldered, easily serviceable batteries that you can order. Keep your phone as long as you want, save money and help the planet.


Thank you. Good news.