Battery dead of Purism 15 V3?

I have a laptop Purism 15 V3 and yesterday I had a system update. I also charged the battery yesterday. This morning, when I turned on the laptop, it shut itself down again. I discovered that the battery was completely empty.

I am connected to the power now, but it does not charge? It stays on 0%. Is my battery dead?

probably unable to hold a charge anymore. contact purism support

acpi -bi


@kieran Thanks for the code, but I am not the Purism wizard and How should I use this code?

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Type that command in a terminal.

If it complains that the acpi command does not exist then try first using the command

sudo apt install acpi

which is probably what the first command will tell you to do anyway if that is needed.



I did that and it says:
Battery 0: Discharging, 0%, rate information unavailable
Battery 1: Unknown, 0%
Battery 1: design capacity 4400 mAh, last full capacity 0 mAh = 0%

OK, so either dead or faulty. You really ought to use that command every year (or similar period) in the life of the battery to track the battery’s demise.

How old is the laptop?

Either way you will need to be communicating with Purism.


@kieran I bought it in July this year. I will contact Customer Support and thanks for your help!

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Hmmm. Must be a fault then. Loose connection so not charging at all? Dodgy AC/DC adapter? Who knows?