Battery drains rapidly and acoustic noise after powered off

Hello everyone,
I notice that my librem14 drains ~30% of battery per day even after it is powered off (instead of being suspended). Also there’s a constant high-pitched sound that seems to come from the circuits along the hinge. And the hinge feels warm. The only way to get rid of them is to keep the laptop plugged into AC. The noise persists only when the laptop is powered off and is disconnected from AC.

After upgrading to Pureboot-18.1 and ec-2021-08-03, the problems are still there.

Does anyone else have these problems? Is there anything I can do to troubleshoot?

This is very unusual and should not happen.

So just to make sure, your shut down the operating system, the system powers down (all LEDs off) and in that case still the battery drains (when not connected to the charger of course)?

Are there any other devices attached to the laptop, like USB devices or such?
If yes, have you tried disconnecting these before?

As long as the charger is connected the EC is still running and consuming power. But once the charger input is disconnected the EC should also power off and the device should not consume any power at all - except some leakage current but that should not be 30% bat per day.


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All the leds are off and there’s no attached device.

Then something is really weird and broken in there, I am sorry :frowning:

Please get in touch with support for RMA.


check for any pinched wires near the hinge, under the battery, anywhere. also check if you can see any discoloring on the mobo or its components, bubbling, yellowing and sweating around solder joints, etc… this sounds like a short somewhere. just my .02