Battery drop to zero after charge

Dear Community, I searched here but nothing found so I opened this new thread: it’s the whole afternoon I’m recharging my L5 but when battery reaches 100% and I unplug it, suddenly battery drops to 0!
So I plug it again and battery begin again from 0%.
Because I don’t using my L5 as daily driver (I just turn it on sometimes just to update and use Waydroid but most of the time it’s shutdown in my nightstand drawer) battery is pretty new so I don’t understand this behaviour.
Any idea?
Thank you :pray:

Your battery calibration may have gotten skewed. There have been previous reports here: Battery dropping from 40% to 0 in a few minutes

Try this:

  1. Power off.
  2. Remove battery.
  3. Reinsert battery.
  4. Do a full charge and discharge cycle.