Battery for Librem 5


Being able to replace the battery easily is a must. Being able to replace the screen should be at least possible. For example, both is easy in the Fairphone 2.

I personally, do not care if it takes a little bit more space as long as I can replace the battery and screen. As @amosbatto pointed out a damaged screen and battery degradation are the top most common problems.


It looks like it will be relatively easy to change the battery. It appears as though the rear cover can be removed without tools, and the battery contacts against sprung contacts.

Librem 5 battery spec : built in or replaceable?

Easy as it gets. Last time I had them swapped like this was with GS3 and Note 4.
Can’t ask for more.
Great job


Yes, it looks promising. I would love to see a very simple mechanism to replace the screen. Maybe similar to what Fairphone uses.

In general I would like to see Purism working together the company behind the Fairphone. Mainly, because both companies have expertise in different areas. Purism focuses on the software and privacy. The company behind the Fairphones focus on sustainability and the fair sourcing of parts for the phone.