Battery for Librem 5


Aye, and the difference in energy consumption would likely be something on the order of millijoules to tens of joules per month. Not really enough to worry about optimizing even if we could tweak the device firmware.


is dogwood L5 batch to ship with the smaller or bigger battery variety ?


Dogwood is supposed to ship with the large battery, but since no one has received one we can’t be sure yet.


That is what we are aiming for.

Battery life of phone. Option to buy batteries?

Hi Nicole,

Do you know if external chargers are likely to be available also? Or some means of charging the battery without putting it in the phone and charging that way?


MrChromebox mentioned on the r/Purism forum that the battery will be 3600 mAh, not 3500 mAh as previously reported. I love it when we get a little bit more. Now if we could only get a little more RAM. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: what, did they already give you the “vaccine” ?


In this new video from Purism the new battery is 3500 mAh


The reddit comment about the 3600mAh battery was on March 3, 2020 by Sebastian Krzyszkowiak (seba_dos1), not by MrChromebox. However, I would assume that HackersGame has more up-to-date info on the battery.

It was fun to hope for a little more battery capacity, but the longer battery life reported in HackersGame’s video is even better news in my opinion. It sounds like we will have a usable phone, which gives me a lot of hope.


We currently have no plans for such a thing, but there are chargers for this purpose already on the market which should be usable - these kind of clip around the battery, have adjustable connector pins and can be hung off from a USB port, pretty convenient.



Exactly what I would need, thank you!