Battery issues on Librem 14 after switching continent

I am running Qubes 4.1 + PureBoot on my Librem 14.

A couple months ago I traveled from Europe to America.
After arriving there my Librem 14 battery would not load properly and shut off occasionally when having no battery cord connected (even though the icon not indicating drainage).
My battery LED was orange.

After returning home the issue persisted.

Today I updated my Librem EC and PureBoot using this guide.

Now my battery LED is white but my battery icon in the QubesOS top bar is empty with a little black X in the bottom right corner (even with the charging cable connected):


Since the upgrade my laptop has not shut off yet, neither with a cord connected, nor without one.

How can I bring back a correct battery icon?
What is the actual underlying issue here?

I would try reseating the battery. We use 120v here, but that shouldn’t matter…

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Thanks for your reply.

How exactly do I go over resetting the battery?

Not resetting, reseating. Remove it and put it back in.

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Ah thanks.

I just did that and my icon is back.

However, now I realized that my battery health in PureBoot System Info is 24%.

Well that’s a bummer…

Let it go through a charge cycle or two (down to ~15%, then back to 100%) and see if that helps, it might just be confused.

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Do you have some reasonable charge_control_start_threshold and charge_control_end_threshold settings?