Battery not charging anymore :-(


I’m having a problem with a librem 15 that I received in May - the battery stopped charging, making the laptop useless. The battery indicator is initially orange, then after a while starts blinking (white/orange), and the battery does not charge at all. Anyone else having this problem?

I guess it’s a battery failure, although I’m not sure about that.

Hi Tomas.

I’m sorry to hear that. Please contact us at with any relevant info you find relevant for the problem.


it looks I have the same problem. Battery is not charging, system goes down immediately when I unplug.

Power indicator is orange, but I have seen it blinking also.

How has the problem of Tomas been solved?


Stefan, please contact us at support at as well. Make sure to give us as much information as you can regarding this problem.


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the replacement part is already on being shipped - that was quick!

Many thanks,