Battery Watt/hr and Keyboard print

So you can put a sata SSD in the Librem 14, and although they advertise around 8 hours, there’s no mention of actual of battery capacity in watt hours so that has me concerned about battery life. Does anyone know actual battery capacity?

Would purism consider what Dell does where If you don’t want the additional sata ssd, you can plop in a bigger battery

Also would keyboard font and print be the same as the renders, or are they subject to change? It’s nitpicky but I think It’d look a lot better if backspace and enter only had symbols and no text (very nitpicky)

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You can put M.2 Sized I believe 2280 SSDs with an SATA Interface into the Librem14 but there is no place for a 2.5" Sata SSD so there is no Space for an additional battery.
Not sure the exact capacity of the battery but I’d guess around 45 to 50Wh looking at similar sized Models.
Didn’t even notice the text on the keys of backspace and enter I agree with you that looks kinda strange compared to other keyboards.

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Thanks Manuel!! damn my bad I just re-checked the pre-order site and I accidentally assumed the second m.2 ssd was a 2.5’’ sata ssd. Knowing I was wrong about that alleviates a lot of my concerns about battery life

Yeahh the laptop as whole is sexy but the lettering is kind of off putting. I’m not sure if the production version will use the keyboard lettering from the renders

it’s the same on the current models. I’d argue it would look better with just text, no symbols.

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The lettering on the current models look great so that’s a relief. I agree with you on that front, I just mean either or, and not having both