Be careful! Librem One doesn’t work with my IPhone

After two weeks I bought LO but can’t use it and mainly no help from Purism, I decided to take my money back throw my Bank.
It’s sad to say but I’m feeling disappointed, sad, abandoned from Purism!
That’s my experience, so be careful if you’ve IPhone and you’re considering to buy Librem One.

Which services and what problems were you having with it? I use Librem One services with my iphone

I can’t use all of them. State is set to “off” and I can’t switch them “on” from my dashboard. I sent to João (tech service) video screenshot about it! Please see the attached one here:image

veleno, i think its just a kind of a bug.

But: If we change positions. I would not trust my Iphone instead of a 3erd Party Tool for my Device and me as Person. Before i would blame that Service or i would be neutral at first, instead of open a thread with some kind of distrust and warning, like “do not buy or use X”.

However i blame Apple. That’s not fair ether. Its just that i do not trust that kind of big companies. Do you use a Computer at a University or Library to lock into your Librem Account and did it work?

From the end: I also tried LO from my laptop with Debian OS and Firefox as browser and same issue. It seems Purism is locking me in some way. Regarding the rest of your post: honestly I paid 2 weeks ago! And I can’t use the service for what I paid! That’s insane! Be honest! Two weeks, 14 days and still I can’t use what I paid for and no one is able to solve this problem! I received a couple of emails from João but then nothing more! Also they forgot to send me last email!! It isn’t professional, please recognise it! I deeply trusted them (that’s why I bought my L5 + accessories + apps development + this LO) but now I’m feeling ignored and I don’t understand why, after two weeks, still I can’t use what I paid for!
And LO isn’t L5! L5 is a crowdfunding, so it’s expected to pay and wait, but LO is a service already ready, is software (so no supply chain problems) and LO apps are on the Apple Store since years!! (Moreover without updates since a lot of time I saw! And this is also unprofessional!). So make sense for me to feeling sad and abandoned from them and I’m also feeling to inform other people about my story so to warn them.
I sent last email to them yesterday telling them about my will to take money back and no one answered me about to solve my problem! Just silence from them :man_shrugging:
At this point I’ll wait till the end of the week and then I’ll take my money back but I didn’t expect so behaviour from them

Curious stuff: every time I login, first time I receive always this message:

What it means?

CSRF == Cross-Site Request Forgery

Could be a config problem on the server. Hard to say without being able to analyse the server side.

I guess if there’s a config problem with your account then that could make sense but only Purism can sort that out for you.

It may be possible to make more progress with this - since it takes the mysteries of Apple and iPhone out of the equation. If I am understanding the situation correctly then “Librem One doesn’t work with your account at all” is the situation - which could make the topic title misleading.

Until it works in the vanilla situation of Linux laptop, I wouldn’t try the iPhone.

But to Ll0 Librem One works on his iPhone! So the problem regarding only me! It’s probable they didn’t abilitate me in some way and didn’t find the time to do it in 2 weeks!!
Consider that was my interest to shift from my gmail (personal and working!!) to their email!! Can you imagine if I would have some problem with it and they don’t fix it?? At least 2 weeks without job emails communication!!!
Unfortunately capitalism surveillance (google, apple,…) offering working services :man_shrugging: nothing to say.

Maybe someone here could suggest me something similar LO? Maybe another Company like Purism but that give support to their customers and that making products and services working? In this case I could move to them without stress, leaving google and apple.
Thank you

As you have apparently cancelled the service and sought a refund, I guess there is now essentially no incentive for Purism to sort out your account.

As for alternatives, it might depend on your level of technical expertise. I have my own domains and operate my own servers. I can ensure no surveillance capitalism at my end. Unfortunately, with all the tedious people who use e.g. gmail, some percentage of my emails are still subject to surveillance capitalism - and no alternative can readily solve that.

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No cancelled yet

Didn’t Purism disable the “Paid” services of L1 with iPhone a while back because of a dispute with Apple? I thought it had to do with Purism not using the in-app purchasing function and Apple wanting “their cut” of the subscription.

The services still work on the iPhone. Purism did not update their app for Librem Tunnel, because Apple wanted to force them to have in-app purchasing for it. And Purism never had a mail app on iOS.

But you can use the generic OpenVPN app instead.

For Librem Mail, use the Canary App. That works, and you can copy your encryption keys over via iCloud files.


You do not need LO, if you have some friend with a Mastodon Server and you trust him or run a new instance on your Debian Server. Just Mention.

In the Fediverse you can just add other accounts and for messaging you could use Matrix (i do not), or XMPP with save certified gpg Encryption and OMEMO for some folks and groups.

You will have a full range of free alternatives. LO is fine if you like to support Purism and its fine if you have Friends using LO. I just want to mention… alternatives you know.

I am sorry that you have no solution for your situation. But its just like you spent for Wikipedia. Purism done a great Job. I thought about using LO but without my Librem5 i would not use it. Later Maybe with a payed official account just to support.

In your Case you can try some other VPN Network for the connection, leetaur 's solution seems to work. Good Luck!

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