Been Awhile...Since I was last here (New Thoughts)

Last time I was here, I didn’t think this could really replace my computer. Than I decided to back ,just today, and was surprised what showed up on the home page of Purism.

I am impressed with what has been unveiled so far. If I go for a personal paperless office, and don’t need a printer; I can use Purism for a personal laptop; considering how much has changed since I last checked (been a few months).

Most of the heavy lifting for graphics-intensive work and some niche software is for business purposes going forward. I won’t be doing anything like that for personal uses. So I can use a purism laptop for personal use and keep apple for business purposes.

Also, I would like to get into a position to donate to the App Development fund. I am also wonderfully surprised how far the linux phone has developed over the time I have been away from here. After my business is self-supporting and I have supportive business mentors in place that respect my values, and my personal financial obligations are taken care of, I will save up for the recent, available and most graphics capable purism laptop available.

To any of you that has financially invested in the purism products over the years, especially the early adopters, thank you.


Which one is the icon for a decent call blocker? I’d give 'em twenty bucks when they start taking Paypal.


I know T-Mobile, and the subsidiary “Metro-by-Tmobile” have a decent call blocker. and T-Mobile is one of the options for the Purism “AweSIM” cellphone plan. My family has been dedicated T-Mobile users since we got our first family cellphone plan. Very great experience, T-Mobile has always treated us very well, even when we had technical issues.


I would really like that too. Wasn’t hackersgame making something like that?

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