Being Charged Librem SIM Cards Subscription Fee while Waiting for Receiving Good; Refund or Exchange of Payment Possible?

Hello everybody,

I am waiting for my order to receiving. I also ordered a Librem SIM card with service. The website report says a charge has incurred despite the fact that I did not receive my Librem SIM card just yet.

Given this predicament, I suppose that the empty fees are or are not charged into account. I am not sure as details said the proper transaction will go into affect upon proper service activation. With the empty fees stacking up, I would assume that they will be transferred as exchange into the activated service period or transferred as refund.

What are your thoughts about this situation? Should I request (by email) a refund/exchange of the empty charges? Maybe I should dispute the transaction? It’s a slow business demanding plenty of patience so I decided to cancel payment in order to stop the service for now.

Contact @support please.


That’s so the “man-in-the-middle” can use it before you get it.

(That is humor, don’t take is seriously.)

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