Best 1tb microsdxc cards

this is in the phones category even though microsd cards can be used in the librem 14 because they’re more useful for the librem 5.

it seems these are the current options for 1tb microsd cards:

  • SanDisk Extreme (A2 U3 V30)
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro (A2 U3 V30)
  • SanDisk Ultra (A1 C10 U1)
  • PNY Pro Elite (A2 U3 V30)
  • Lexar Play (A2 U3 V30)
  • Silicon Power Superior (A1 U3 V30)
  • Amazon Basics (yes, really!) (A2 U3 V30)

i failed to find the card from micron for sale so i’m not listing it.

any thoughts? anyone here have experience with one of these?

does anyone know who actually makes the amazon basics sd cards? (my duckduckgo/google/bing skills seem not good enough to find an answer to this.)

which one will i get if i order one from purism with my librem 5 (which is about to ship a mere 4.5 years after i ordered!)? (i asked twice over last 3 days but purism answered only other questions in my 2 emails.)

long live freed/open software and hardware!

I ordered a 256GB SD card along with my L5 order and the microSD card that Purism sent to me is labeled Sandisk Extreme V30 XC1 A2 U3.

I use it to store audio files and it works just fine.

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UHS-I standard is certanly important one for us. Yet another example here would be that 128G and 256G Lexar® PLAY microSDXC™ UHS-I Card doesn’t support A2 rating (nice that they publish this for our awareness). Now, as we would like to understand A2 standard (how many of small files are processed at the same time …) is it A2 stamp indeed feature that everyone here needs? This opinion might help: “So unless and until more devices and operating systems support A2 functionality, it’s best to avoid purchasing any A2 cards. If you buy an A1 card, you’ll get better performance now, and quite possibly forever. A2 might not technically be marketing BS, but in the real world, I stand by my assertion that it still is.”

Therefore Superior Pro (U3.A1) microSDXC (max. of 512GB 3D NAND) looks just fine to me (if you don’t mind). Anyway, here is link to Superior (A1.V30).

Another question of our (perhaps) concern, when about to use microSD that exceeds capacity of 128GB/256GB (per piece), is kindly posted here:

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@mladen confirmed that as of the present date, orders for 512 gb or 1 tb sd cards are shipped as the SanDisk Extreme (but not the SanDisk Extreme Pro). This of course might change at any time so if it matters to you you should check with purism when you place your order.

note that the Extreme is slightly less expensive than the Extreme Pro. i can not discern any other difference between them. they have the same specifications as far as i can tell (without investigating very deeply).

long live freed/open software/hardware!