Best compositor for X

I using compton compositor with xfwm4 window manager. Distribution is Debian Stable. I notice that xfwm4 compositor don’t provide enough smoothness for 2560x1440 display and don’t provide vertical sync.

I enabled DRI3 and install “compton” compositor, which run smoothly on 2560x1440 resolution. My compton commandline:
compton --backend glx --unredir-if-possible --glx-no-stencil --glx-use-copysubbuffermesa --glx-no-rebind-pixmap -b

But when i use laptop screen and external screen together, i even compton can’t run it smoothly. Therefore i look for better x compositor for my setup. Also, can wayland work smoothly with this resolutions?

I bet Wayland would look alright. Did you give it a shot?

I installed KDE Neon before I went back to my cozy Debian Unstable setup, by way of doing a Clonezilla process from my PC to my laptop.

Anyway, KDE Neon works great on the Librem 13. And I bet it would also work with Librem 15 with that quad HD resolution. If you look carefully at the KDE login screen, you should be able to select a Wayland session. I can’t remember if I installed it last time I used it… But in case it’s not installed, I think you just need to sudo apt install plasma-workspace-wayland to get the Wayland option to show up.

If you are a Gnome guy, maybe try out Fedora? They have Wayland by default.
Smoothness sounds like a subjective term. Is your desktop actually dropping frames? If you mean vsync support, that sounds like something that Wayland isn’t making a huge priority right now.

Hmm. I really wish that Debian would pick up the pace with Wayland support. Seems like even on the Unstable branch, it’s impossible to figure out how to get the KDE desktop to work with Wayland. Debian Stable probably will not implement it for a few years. Sigh.

Yes, desktop dropping frames if you open 2560x1440 3d game on external screen with laptop screen enabled. Desktop don’t drop frames without compotitor, but it create other problems.

I want to try wayland, but i waiting while most of my favorite programs get wayland support. Also i can’t run 2560 1440 resolution with wayland, only with X.

About KDE and Gnome, i don’t like this massive desktop environments. My little laptop dies under KDE and Gnome (another laptop, which don’t need proprietary firmware).