Best RAM storrage for librem 14 under qubes OS

Hello, I ordered the Librem back in september last year and want to use it as my daily laptop. When I hopefully receive my order next month I want to use Qubes OS, so I want to buy a bigger and faster RAM bacause I ordered the librem with the standard 8gb RAM. I found the HyperXf So-dimm from Kingston at 2933 mhz. I want that anything runs smooth as possible but I never used Qubes before.

as noted in other posts in this forum, as well as the product specs (I believe), the Librem 14 is limited by the CPU to 2666Mhz RAM speed. Buying faster RAM won’t help at all. And RAM speed is mostly irrelevant in almost all general purpose use cases (ie, not benchmarking or gaming).

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Quantity of RAM may be much more important than speed.

If you are concerned about speed, you will want to split the quantity into two modules i.e. to take advantage of the dual channel capability. So if you want 16GB RAM then get 2 x 8GB modules not 1 x 16GB module etc.