Best way to contribute to L5 Development?

Hi Guys,

I’ve been wondering for a while what the best way to contribute to L5 development is. I don’t have (and haven’t yet ordered) a phone however I’m sure my PC is more than capable to run the image and I intend to try it this weekend.

I have some very basic Python Skills and Terminal etc.

What is the best way to (learn how to) contribute, mostly likely to App Development ? I’ve heard a lot about Rust am I best going away and learning how to code in Rust or something else?



As you mentioned, there is an emulator image you can use to try out the phone environment.

There is some information about developing apps in the documentation, though there is still a lot to do to provide comprehensive documentation, especially about the phone-specific hardware (sensors, GPS, modem). There are issues in the issue tracker about those.

Just writing small apps to experiment is useful. You can write them in Python or learn Rust – it’s up to you. :smile:


Thanks a lot for the reply!

I’ll definitely try check this out over the weekend. If I manage to pick and install my new OS this weekend, I might then have ago at making something small and build up from there.

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