Big Brother is watching

This week, I attended a work-related presentation on collecting and analyzing data. The presentation involved a collection of apps which use location data to give advice on restaurants, shopping, entertainment and music venues, etc. The apps use location data from several sources: GPS, celluar, WiFi, Bluetooth and human verification (“checking in” at venues). I’m watching the presentation and thinking that technology is cool, but can be perverted in a “Big Brother is watching you and everything you do” kind of way. It’s scary to think about how much info is out there. I’m looking forward to kill switches.


Well then you will like this. This was uploaded on Aug 30, 2014:

Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Phone. This was uploaded on Aug 24, 2017

10 Surprising Ways the Government is Spying on You. This was uploaded on Jul 19, 2017

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Guys, please. I was planning on sleeping tonight in blissful ignorance! It’s like you WANT me to have the disturbed, sleepless nights of an informed individual…

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You take the blue pill


yay to feeding an early Alzheimer …

If you want real depression read “Surveillance Valley” by Yasha Levine. He encapsulates just how the unholy nexus of corporations having pretty much unfettered data collection power has allowed them to do the work of the NSA etc and continue in cahoots as an evil duo. Very interesting stuff about the TOR project as well. Brilliantly researched and footnoted. A must read about how we have been adroitly duped and how now now privacy is dead unless you work at it. He has a very interesting take on Ed Snowden ( his book is also instructive).
For me the book demonstrates that, regardless of whoever may be leading a country there is a MUCH bigger machine behind it all that has been chugging away since the 60s to bring us to this very situation. Nothing has been by accident.


every time i hear surveillance i think about … a blind racoon flanked by two black cats …

Would there be a headline if they were selling it to the “right” people?

let’s define “right” people … or were you referring to the right-wing people ? :smiley:

The title definitely could have better choice of words
Jerry is one of the best - most honest and eloquent guys I came across when it comes to security and privacy talk in Android and smartphone industry.

Found this a few weeks ago. Kind of freaky.