Bin9 upgrade packages broke SSH

Hello, I just upgrade packages of bind9 on my L5, but I can’t SSH into the phone anymore, it give me an error: could not resolve hostname to IPv6
Any ideas of how to solve it?

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Is that an error message you get on the computer you are trying to connect from?

If so, you may have a problem on that computer, maybe not on the L5.

It’s a strange message anyway, there should be no need to “resolve” anything if you already specified an IP address.

You can run the “ip addr” command on the L5 to see which IP address it has, then try to reach that IP address from your other computer.

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Yes an error on my PC, it was working well yesterday. I run Arch on the PC.
Already checked the IP of the L5, it’s correct

It was something with WPA3, just set on my router WPA2 and WPA3 mixed, and could SSH into the L5.

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Not quite. Refer the UseDNS config parameter for sshd, for example.