BIOS download

Is it possible to download the BIOS for the Librems? I want to reflash mine. I poked around the website and all I found was uninformative blog posts. Also, what is the current status of Coreboot integration?

Coreboot is a work-in-progress. Once we complete it, you will be able to download it and flash it.

What is the status of coreboot on librem actually ?

The last post I found about coreboot on librem dates from August 2015.

Gertux, a blog post explaining the Coreboot progress is coming in a few days.

The blog post is up!

And that brings up my original question: is it possible to download a copy of the original bios somewhere?

The concern is bios rootkits. See for more info. I’m concerned that the ability to flash unsigned bioses on the librem would make them more vulnerable to this, and would like to be able to a) dump the current bios on my machine and b) flash one from purism that I trust to be unaltered onto it. Yes I’m sure I’m voiding all my warranties.

The details in the blog post on what hardware etc he was using to analyze the existing bios was very useful, btw. :slight_smile:

I’m one of the Librem 15 Rev 2 owners, payed 19 January 2015, shipped on 10 May 2016 and am still waiting for coreboot support which also doesn’t seem to be covererd by the February 2018 release:

My laptop is due for a replacement next year although I am only using less than 2 years (3 years amortization starting on the pay date says the accountant). More than a bit of a disappointment this Librem purchase, considering the poor build quality on top of the ‘freedom’ and privacy promises not kept.

Do I give up or are Purism planning to support their initial supporters ?