Birch Shipping Email Received

I have received my email asking for the final details as they prepare shipment (shipping address, power charger, modem).

So the emails are starting to arrive, and hopefully speculation can die down.

Now I just have to decide whether to accept Birch after all, or wait for more hardware improvements…


thanks for headsup. and considering you backed on first day of the campaign your’s among the first such emails.

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Someone has to post this on r/purism, I guess.


Great news! :fireworks: :sparkler: :sparkles: :balloon: :tada: :confetti_ball:

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Now someone did:


So, according to that email from Purism: there’s no full warranty (unless you want to delay until Evergreen “hint hint”), and the Broadmobi modems are not available yet. Wow.


The Broadmobi modems are the ones available currently. Other modem options are not yet available.

I have decided to wait for Evergreen, though. As excited and eager as I am to get my hands on this phone, I do want to get the more refined hardware.


Maybe their punctuation (comma instead of semicolon) confused me:

“• Let us know if you would like a US or EU cellular modem (Broadmobi BM818, other cellular modem options are not yet available).”

(A comma usually signifies “and.”)

I am probably in Evergreen anyway, but would love to get the earlier hardware, with full understanding that the cooling won’t be as good.

This 4-year old iPhone still works, so whatever batch I’m in, I hope it lasts until my L5 ships. If not, I’m sure a cheap temp phone will last me :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, Ok, I see your point, though I read it as “the modem is Broadmobi, other options not available yet”. I’m not sure which is correct.

Either way, some of the modem options are not yet available, apparently.

Look, this is still a prototype and nobody is forced to take it. Makes sense to me

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Brand new
G6 play - 100$
G7 play 160$
Moto X4 200$
Moto Z3 play- was just recently on sale for 180$
All great phones with unlockable bootloaders and great support for custom roms - lineage , etc


This is the correct interpretation. The Broadmobi modem will be the default option. The Gemalto modem is a more expensive option and will be available later on at a higher price.


dang, i was hoping to opt for gemalto :frowning:


Thanks for the clarification, Kyle. Damn those high school English classes! :slight_smile:


Depends on the region. I find broadmobi better for US market. It covers all LTE bands

So i.e. in evergree the modem will be broadmobi for everyone and we will just chose the region like usa or eu?
I was think reading older info, gemalto will be the modem for eu

What difference there is between broadmobi and gemalto?

There’s a difference in bands covered and Broadmobi is a Chinese company while Gemalto is a Dutch(?) company. The Broadmobi modems are made in China and the Gemalto modems are made in Germany. Those are the main differences as far as I know, but for a more detailed discussion see

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When I preordered my phone, the tech specs of the preordered product were: “Gemalto PLS8 3G/4G modem w/ single SIM on replacable M.2 card”. There was no hint, that I have to pay a higher price later on. Can you clarify your statement, does it only apply to new orders?