Bitcoin payment

I’m unable to purchase the Librem 15 HD with BitCoin. I get this message at the top of the page when checking out: “Sorry, but there was an error processing your order. Please try again or try a different payment method.”

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Hi Shawn.

I’ll have this checked and report back to you.


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Hi Shawn!

We have identified the problem. It will be fixed soon. I will notify you via mail once this get resolved.

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Awesome! Thank you!

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Shawn, everything is fixed now. You’ll be contacted by our operations manager regarding your order.

Thank you for your support.


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Thanks a lot! I just emailed ops team back after placing a new order successfully. Looks like I made a typo in the shipping address.

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New thing here (maybe), slightly wandering but theirs a point.

I was in on the last day to preorder the Librem 5 with thd discount. During the purchase, I was hoping to fund it from multiple sources. I was very on the fense and at that last hour I didn’t have any one banking source with enough funds to pay the amount. I saw the external funding thing that was offered and used the intrest free payments method.

I need a laptop more than a phone, but didn’t have funds to get yours. I’m running a Nextcloud server and they added a password manager a short time ago. While getting my passwords out of Google’s Chrome, I discovered that the tiny bitcoin quantities I forgot about in a couple wallets from many years ago (1B=285USD) are now enough to afford a Librem laptop.

I would need to make 3 transferrs to pay for a laptop. Two Bitcoin transfers and one US Banking transfer with USD. I don’t think the shopping cart system on Purism would allow that to happen.