Bitcoin - Trace Mayer

I have been following Trace Mayer on his recommendations on using the Purism Laptop for safe Bitcoin storage.

He recommends the Laptop. Would the Librem 5 phone accomplish the same goal?

I’m having trouble finding info from Trace Mayer about this besides this tweet. What else does he have to say?

I imagine it has something to do with privacy concerns, in which case Librem 5 would presumably accomplish the same goal as it runs the same OS just in a different form factor.

Listen in at the 11:55 mark. Very adamant.

Wow, that guy is a character. I’m not going to attempt to fully understand the motives behind those statements, so I can’t speak to your exact question… but more generally, the Librem phone will be as private as the laptop line except the GSM baseband and its firmware (though some protections are in place).

This interview with Todd about the Librem 5 and monero could be interesting for you:Purism CEO Todd Weaver. Monero on the Librem 5!