Bitwarden on Pure OS

Hello everyone. I’m a newbie in Pure OS. I’m running it on a Dell Inspiron. Seems to work pretty good, but I have an issue. I’m used to save my password in Bitwarden, but in pure OS I’m not able to install the AppImage file, neither the .deb package. Any suggestion? Thank You!

Install the .deb package from the terminal

sudo dpkg -i <name of .deb package>

and post the output here.

Ok It works, thank you. I post now the output. Unfortunately is in Italian. Hope it will be still useful.

  <  sudo dpkg -i Bitwarden-1.17.1-amd64.deb

Selezionato il pacchetto bitwarden non precedentemente selezionato.
(Lettura del database... 220787 file e directory attualmente installati.)
Preparativi per estrarre Bitwarden-1.17.1-amd64.deb...
Estrazione di bitwarden (1.17.1)...
Configurazione di bitwarden (1.17.1)...
Elaborazione dei trigger per hicolor-icon-theme (0.17-2)...
Elaborazione dei trigger per desktop-file-utils (0.23-4)...
Elaborazione dei trigger per mime-support (3.62)... >

Looks like it installed without a problem so you are good to go.

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