Black screen and only mouse visible on 2nd monitor

Hi, I recently purchased pursim’s 15v4 laptop as well as the Vikings D8 WS (VKGS-D8RYF: coreboot, seabios, 2x Geforce GT 710). I’d like to use PureOS on both computer. Further for the Vikings computer I like to setup multiuser: two users having their own account, monitor, mouse and keyboard. However, when using PureOS the second monitor stays black and only the mouse is visible. When using Ubuntu or Trisquel the second monitor shows the extended screen as supposed. Here I stuck and I currently have no clue how to solve this. Kind regards,

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hello and welcome ! i can’t say for sure but have you tried with both X and wayland (changing the desktop session i mean) ? is it the same ?

on another note i’d be interested if you could verify how the iGPU in the 15v4 compares to the GT 710 in terms of 3d modeling performance … although i have a rough idea :smiley: :wink:

hi, thx for the very quick reply. When I boot the system, get to the login screen, then click the cogwheel and select “GNOME on Xorg”, in this case the second screen is not detected at all (no signal). In case where I select “GNOME”, the screen is black and the mouse is visible. About the 2nd point: how can I provide info on the 3D modeling performance. Is this the output of the glxgears-command? Sorry, I am not sure about this. P.S. During boot and when I have to enter the password for the encrypted hard-drive both screens work and show the same screen.

right click the desktop and choose > Display Settings

can you set anything that changes things from there ?

hi, for the scenario where the screen in black and the mouse is visible, the Display Settings identify both monitors correctly. However, none of the settings (orientation, resolution, refresh rate, join displays, single display etc.) changes the fact that the screen is black with the mouse being visible. If I pull i.e. an icon over to the other screen, then the icon cannot be seen anymore. If I connect the 2nd monitor with the laptop instead with the vikings computer, everything works (PureOS background picture, icons, mouse, windows etc). kind regards

I’m surprised that you get that far. I would suppose that PureOS contains no proprietary driver for an nVidia graphics card and may be relying on the open source ‘nouveau’ driver, which may not have all the functionality of the proprietary driver.

Ubuntu probably works better in this scenario because it will load the proprietary driver - but you should confirm that it has done so. Of course that comes with a trade-off in openness.

In theory you can force Ubuntu to use the open source driver and then confirm whether or not Ubuntu then similarly malfunctions. That could then fault isolate as to whether the problem is the driver or the distro.

Hi, Thanks for your post. No, it is no surprise. The vikings computer are licensed for running with no proprietary software. As purism machines are recommended to run with PureOS, Vikings recommends Trisquel. Both run only with OpenSource Software. You can also use Ubuntu. However, I really wish to use the same OS on my laptop and the other machine. Therefore, I am trying hard to find a way to make this work. PureOS also seems much nicer. kind regards

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