Blank keyboard layout

Hi! One thing that would be great (I’ll probably buy one of your product before, but anyway) would be to make available a “blank keyboard layout”, one where nothing is written on.

  • Because it’s at least as international as the US layout, and so doesn’t come with the difficulty of handling all the various languages layouts;
  • Because it’s beautiful;
  • And because it makes harder to read (or remember) what you’re writing by people around.
    That’s probably a small thing but would be quite appreciated on this kind of products. Thanks!
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Blank keyboard keys would be awesome!

But since I doubt /everyone/ would want that… :wink:

It would be neat if the whole keyboard assembly was built as a removable tray/unit. This would enable swapping keyboards (whether at the assembly plant or at home) and easier cleaning of the keyboard. Hopefully it would be designed such that physical keyboard layouts can be swapped easily. Maybe down the line we could even purchase keyboards with different physical properties (key-travel, switch firmness, etc) Everybody wins! (except maybe the designers :wink:

To get an idea of what I’m talking about, one can search “replacement notebook keyboard” and see some examples.


I’m not sure whether it will materialize or not, but there was some discussion several months ago of an e-ink keyboard, which I think provides the same functionality but with added flexibility.

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