Blank Screen Shortcut


I found a nice way to blank the screen automatically in 5 minutes, but to delay screen lock by an hour (see the below screenshot). Which is great when at home I can move the mouse and the desktop is there for you without having to enter the password to unlock.

What I am looking for now is a shortcut/terminal command to blank the screen without having to wait for 5 minutes.

Thank you!

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You can use
gnome-screensaver-command -a

If you don’t have the command available, you need to install the gnome-screensaver package

Problem: seems like it’s locking the screen (same as ‘-l’ option)


You should try anyway, it may be my configuration that force the lock, you may have a different configuration/behavior

Yes it did work for me. Then I have created the shortcut as follows.

Thanks for your help, I love GNU/Linux! (did I say that correctly? :wink:

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It’s okay but you might consider going with GNU+Linux. :slightly_smiling_face:

For some reason this reminded me of the joke here: “How many GNU/Linux users are needed to change a light bulb?”
In particular the guy reminding everyone that the right name is GNU/Lightbulb.