Bluetooth conectivity problems with my Librem5, L5

I’ve noticed Bluetooth reliability issues (mostly during initial connection) connecting my Librem 5 to my 2013 Kia Optima Hybrid’s audio system as well. Another notable thing I noticed (moreso than anything else, since for music everything I have has an auxiliary jack) is that while an Android phone has a separate mode for calls to connect with the car’s system, the Librem 5 does not. Because it’s so spotty and unreliable, I usually avoid calling on my Librem 5 while in the car, preferring to do this at home instead (or to call on a different phone if the call is urgent enough).

Maybe I should debug a bit more, though, since for phone calls I generally prefer my Librem 5 over my other phones.

Are you 100% sure of this? On some cars – and specifically I’m thinking of an early 2010s Prius C I drove recently – the auxiliary jack can be pretty hidden while still being there.


With bluetooth it could be a million things causing those audio interruptions.

Here’s a start:

  1. Open “Terminal”

  2. Type this: rfkill block wifi

This will turn off the wifi module so that you can test if it was causing interference with your bluetooth connection. If you suddenly get a flawless connection (or a big decrease in the number of times the audio drops) then wifi interference may be one of the culprits.

Once you are done testing, type this in the terminal to turn your wifi back on:

rfkill unblock wifi


hello, yes, these last days I have been thoroughly checking all the ports of the car radio, and I have been checking possible hard to find locations, such as inside the glove compartment of the car, behind the radio … and nothing, I have checked the car manual and indeed my particular model ford fiesta 2020 (which is also the most basic of all) of Spain, only has bluetooth, AM FM radio and carplay/android auto.

thank you very much anyway


Hi, thank you very much for the answer, as soon as I read it I wanted to try it right away, but first I tried to connect it normally to be able to compare the failures. and it didn’t fail. and since the day you answered me, without changing any configuration or anything suddenly the connection didn’t fail anymore. the day it fails again I will try what you say and I will comment if it solves the problem. thank you very much.

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Hi guys, I was trying and I could not get this product to work (that I linked in the message I am answering) , because my car asks for pairing confirmation and with that device I could not confirm the pairing and then I could not use it.(of course I have tried to remove the pairing confirmation and it is not possible in my car.)

I ended up buying this:

is a device to which you can connect with bluetooth or connect a usb as music input and emits an output in the form of radio waves that you can capture with your car radio in a free station. i bought it thinking that the AUX port that has would be input AUX and it turned out to be output for speakers, so i can not use this device for the purpose Input AUX, output bluetooth / radio.

even so for some reason the L5 connects without any problem or failure via bluetooth to this device. it connects better and faster than the car bluetooth and without failures for the moment. so it is a partial solution. if someday it fails again I will try what colleague @jwilkes says.