Bluetooth Device Compatibility

So what I was thinking we could all post here what Bluetooth devices work with our L5s
An example would be:

Redpine Card:
Wonderboom 2 Speaker: Audio great, no stutter. 
Dell Mouse: L5 cannot find it.
Thinkpad Mouse: L5 cannot find it.

Depends on the WiFi/BT card you have. IIRC BLE is disabled on Redpine cards right now, but should work with SparkLAN.

I like the idea of having hardware compatibility lists in general - at least while support is not considered widely universal. IMO, forums aren’t the best place to host this information (no disrespect to the other threads here that serve such a purpose) since the onus of editing a single post hundreds of times is largely placed on a single user. As this is particularly directed at the Librem 5, what about creating a Bluetooth hardware compatibility list in the Librem 5 community wiki on GitLab?


Can already be covered by:

Sure, that’s not specific to Bluetooth and, as @‌dos points out, that lacks clarification as to whether the customer was testing with the original Redpine card or the new SparkLAN card. (As at today, you should mostly assume the former.)

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SparkLAN Card:

Bose Micro SoundLink: works flawlessly
Raycon E55 Earbuds: sometimes experience stutter
2006 Infiniti G35x: Does not connect to BT
2008 Nissan Titan: Does not connect to BT

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Has anyone used a bluetooth keyboard with the Librem 5?

I use a Logitech K830.

Bluetooth connectivity is functional but inconsistent due to frequent disconnects. I often have to wiggle the mouse to wake/reconnect the device, even after only a few seconds since using it. USB and RF alternatives seem adequate.

yeah, a 10 euro generic one, no dongle - the kind they sell at cheap stores and supermarkets. Works like a charm.
Edit: it’s called a ‘Deluxa’.

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See the Community Wiki link I posted above.

Do you have the Redpine or SparkLAN Card

The newer one: Sparklan.

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