Bluetooth Dongle Does Not Connect After Librme 13 V4 'wakes' from 'sleep'

I use a Belkin BT dongle to connect my keyboard and headphones

When booting the Librem13 V4 the Dongle connects with the BT keyboard and its working.

But when I return to the machine after a while(10 min) or when i wake the machine after fn+esc
Then the dongle does not connecet with the keyboard.
I need to take the dongle out from the USB port and put it back again, wait a little, and then it connects with the keyboard.
This is rather annoying.
Any advice(other than don’t get annoyed…:wink: )

i know what you mean … i have one as well that has a certain time delay until it gets “awakened” by the OS … it seems that’s how it functions - the driver puts the device into a “sleep” mode to conserve power when not in use after a while

you might have to disable that behavior if you know how and if the firmware is free-software. i doubt you could do it from the OS level. so much for closed-hardware …