Bluetooth headphones A2DP issue

I hope this will help.

If you have a problem with not being able to re-connect your bluetooth headphones to A2DP profile.

This is a page with a great solution.
I searched far and wide - this did the trick for me.
It might just do it for you!!

This is the link to the page
A2DPBluetooth Headset

The solution was in a blog that was later deleted.
Someone managed to re trace the steps
Honestly it is a charm

here are the steps [copied from the above link]

Bug and possible solution: actually I found a bug in that make the headset unusable, it seems that the pulse audio module: module-bluetooth-discover works only if started after the X11 session is up. So I have a workaround.

Edit the file:


and comment out (with an # at the beginning of the line) the following line:

#load-module module-bluetooth-discover

now edit the file:


and after the lines:

if [ x”$SESSION_MANAGER” != x ] ; then
/usr/bin/pactl load-module module-x11-xsmp “display=$DISPLAY session_manager=$SESSION_MANAGER” > /dev/null

add the following line:

/usr/bin/pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover

This way the Pulse audio’s Bluetooth modules will not be downloaded at boot time but after x11 is started.

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THANK YOU! This issue was driving me nuts!

Glad to hear that.
These things are sent to test us…