Bluetooth issue at boot time with newest firmware-atheros (20210315-2)

hello there,

since two months or so, I get the following error with the newest firmware-atheros package (20210315-2) and bluetooth isn’t working from the beginning.
After flipping the killswitch it works flawlessly, so I’m really unsure, why loading the proprietary firmware at boot time doesn’t work, but in a user session it does.

Any idea?

Here’s a little dmesg output…

[   24.187774] usb 1-3: firmware: failed to load ar3k/AthrBT_0x11020100.dfu (-2)
[   24.187778] usb 1-3: Direct firmware load for ar3k/AthrBT_0x11020100.dfu failed with error -2
[   24.187780] Bluetooth: Loading patch file failed
[   24.187785] ath3k: probe of 1-3:1.0 failed with error -2
[   24.187805] usbcore: registered new interface driver ath3k

Removed the package, installed just the files mentioned in the dmesg log and it worked right away.