Bluetooth : no keyboard, no mouse recognized

Since the byzantium flash to my librem 5, no more bluetooth small devices (logitech keyboard and mouse) are recognized, only my android phone, and mac mini are still seen and connect correctly. Back to a amber flash, same problem !
Please help !

I was trying to pair a mouse right now and it doesn’t shows up in the list, but I did pair the bluetooth earphones.

is this on a Librem laptop or a Librem 5?

In my case is a just opened Librem 5 using Angus Ainsle gitlab RS9116_NLINK_WLAN_BT_IMAGE firmware

was this on a phone or laptop?

Bluetooth on my Amber L5 is borked too. Well it never worked in the first place.

a Librem 5. multiple tries with flashing. On my other librem 5 who was delivered with byzantium (I did not it flashed) direct, the problem is worse, the bluetooth has never turned on.
The first one was ok with bluetooth since the last updates, but from byzantium, no more BT.

To make it “work” in my phone with Byzantium I had to add a firmware in the /lib/firmware folder, but it doesn’t work properly as I mention before.

the folder /lib/firmware does not contain this file and
sudo dmesg | grep redpine displays an error that this file cannot be loaded. I tried to add it many times . Then the error disappierd but same problem. The command shows the FW version “”, which looks old…

I did it following the last method mentioned in this topic last post

Yes of course update / upgrade. I wait every day after updates to solve the problems. Fortunately there are periods without problems. Let wait for the new updates. I know the team is working hard to improvement. Byzantium is already a big step !

Seeing that this entry is under “Phones (Librem 5)”, I’d assume it is a phone he’s talking about.

As a follow-up to the mentioned forum post, following those steps haven’t solved all my problems. For example, I cannot have WiFi and bluetooth working simultaneously. Turning on one shuts off the other. I’ll update you as I work on the solution myself (I’ve found some “FIXME” statements in their code that I’m going to review).

I was informed by the support team that the dev team is aware of the issues with bluetooth, and are working on a solution. If anyone has some current gitlab Issues that you can link to this forum, that would be appreciated. Then we can monitor progress.

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