Bluetooth requires restart to re-enable?

I’m wondering if this is a “just me” issue or if others are seeing the same or similar?

Evergreen - amber-phone - 5.11 kernel:

If I disable Bluetooth from the main settings, subsequently re-enabling via the toggle option does nothing (the window stays displaying the large Bluetooth logo and the message “Bluetooth Turned Off”).

In order to re-enable Bluetooth I have to have the main toggle set to enabled/on in the main settings then from the terminal restart the Bluetooth service ( sudo systemctl restart bluetooth )

I do not see this issue on the 5.9 kernel.

Hi Loki,

same here. If i disable and reenable BT via settings, the Bluetooth is “online” but doesn’t work. I use the HKS to restart the BT, but is stupid to kill the WiFi-Connection … :slight_smile:

I need more time to analyse … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thank you @execrable,

It’s good to know it’s not just me and that I don’t have a total mutant on my hands.

Agreed, that’s why I opted for restarting just the Bluetooth service via terminal.