Bluetooth still broken

It seems that bluetooth has gone south again. Consistently not establishing the audio path and now will just randomly disconnects. I’m at my wits end with it. We seem to be moving backwards now. Has anyone else experienced this?

No over here it is still the same as before:

  • does not connect automatically,
  • stutters like mad if you keep the bluetooth settings open during playback.

Otherwise, it is fine.

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turns out auto suspend was on unbeknownst to me so that would explain the disconnection issue, but the hit and miss audio path is super frustrating.

I started having problems with it again where the stuttering made it unusable beyond a few inches away from the connected device. I hadn’t updated this last week because I’ve been out if town but I guess updates won’t fix it either :grimacing:

Some observations I want to add. So bluetooth now works with my car, I think the issue was I left the settings open on bluetooth so it was constantly scanning and causing the stuttering.

Also I noticed the OS does not seem to like sudden disconnections and it thinks it is still connected if the other device turns off. I found better results keeping bluetooth working if I manually disconnect before turning off the other device.

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How old or new is your car?

I can’t get BT to work with either of my vehicles 2006 and 2008 respectively both Nissan/Infiniti products. What I observe on the phone is that the status for the handsfree is connected/disconnected toggling back and forth constantly.

It is fairly new, 2021

Same sort of thing in my 2009 Opel (GM). They find each other, then disconnect again. I don’t think they manage to pair properly.
It’s not as big a problem as it would have been a year ago when I was still commuting quite a lot, but it would have been nice.

It’s frustrating for me as I have about a 35 minute commuted to and from work so it would be nice. I’m not sure what exactly the reason for this would be, something with the HSP setup on the L5? Having an active call makes no difference. On my Samsung S22 when connected to my vehicles, it triggers the BT on the radio when a call is made if BT is enabled on the phone and connected to the car.

I can pretty much eliminate stuttering by turning off WFi with the soft toggle. I sure hope this is solvable with firmware/drivers and not some fundamental issue with the hardware.

Turning off the WiFi has never really made any difference on my device.

And after a couple of days of clear use in my car, the last few days have been filled with stutter. I can get a few minutes of clear playback followed by a few minutes of stuttering.

I noticed during the period of stuttering when I hit pause, the bluetooth continues to stream for half a second. The audio is a rush of the last few seconds that were struggling to play.

from my experience shutting down Settings App is the most you can do to improve bt sound.
if it’s still stuttering … well … wait on fix from purism!

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Indeed. This thread to me is to partly vent and also try and figure out what conditions cause it to stutter, but its still seemingly random

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we are turning in circles.
bt issues were also reported here: Bluetooth stuttering

i dont know if somebody from purism is working on?
please point me to the ticket!