Bluetooth stuttering

Bluetooth audio on Librem 5 byzantium with SparkLAN WNFB-266AXI(BT) is unusable since it is continiously stuttering. Software on the phone is already up-to-date. Is there a fix for this problem ? Already searched for firmware update possibilities, but did not find anything.

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Could you try another bluetooth audio device to be able to collect information about what is causing the problem?

I use Bose Sport Open Earbuds in combination with the SparkLAN card and there are only 1-2 short stutters after locking/unlocking the phone.

I have the SparkLAN card too and I test them out after every kernel upsate, but the stuttering is still unbearable across multiple devices.

I tried the following devices, all which are not giving a reasonable result :

  • Sony wh-1000xm2 headset : terrible stuttering. Tried different connection types but all are not good.
  • JBL Charge bluetooth speaker : terrible stuttering
  • Bose Quietcomfort headset : moderate stuttering but terrible sound quality
  • Carkit Toyota CHR : terrible stuttering
    Also all the devices above are working properly on different iPhones and Android phones.

Problem seems to be in the Librem5 bluetooth.

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Purism already is troubleshooting WPAN Stutering…

Can you tell me if there is a place where I can find information on which issues Purism is working currently ? Thanks in advance!

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have the same effect with my Sony headphones.

It stutters, the enjoyment of music is impossible.

I quit all other applications, especially the “Settings” app.

After that, it’s still not perfect, but ok for me.

BTW: The Bluetooth range is slightly more than half compared to the devices I have.

don’t know what i have done. sound is now horrible interrupted/stuttered.

Changing the Bluetooth Head Set Profile sometimes messed it up. Rebooting after setting it to the working setting (A2DP, I think) fixes it for me.

Librem5 was charging. Now, unplugged i listen to music in high quality.

stutter again without that the phone is charging. i am lost!

i want to know the same!

Just turn off wifi in software with bluetooth on. It works. Might be related to firmware, or configuration and data rate limitations when both wifi, and bluetooth are on with sparklan.

Sparklan is a new addition so they may still iron out a few issues.



With wifi-software-off it stutters almost continuously with Librem13. I guess this is kind of “ultimate test” since we use two products of Purism.

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Today I found one more update to do on L5. This fixes stuttering with wifi-software-off except maybe at the beggining of music play and lock-unlock the screen.

With wifi on and connected there is still stuttering with L13, but it has greately improved and it is not as frequent as it used to be.

So there is welcome and good progress with the last update but there is serious room for more improvements. Thanks Purism&devs

I am afraid I still can’t report stutterfree BT either. Sometimes it works decently, more often than not it stutters.
And it still is completely erratic: sometimes a device delivers decent, uninterrupted sound, other times it just doesn’t.
(And of course hands free caling in the car is still a distant dream.)


are you using the sparklan card?

Same here, confirming the behaviour.

Yes. My L5 was in one of the first batches that had the Sparklan card on board.
On the whole BT works pretty well. I have no complaints about the sound quality whatsoever.
And sometimes the stuttering only occurs in the first minute or so.
But too often it just starts stuttering and keeps on doing so, no matter what.

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After the kernel update yesterday it has been pretty solid not sure if there were some improvements for BT in there? No stuttering this morning listening to my podcasts using Kasts.