Bluetooth support for Librem 5

No that has never worked…nor does it show up in the audio section in settings as a destination. I know the dock has speakers but the sound never comes through them. It sure would be nice if it did tho…

EDIT: Just checked with my Samsung S22 connected to the dock and it too does not play sound through it, it seems it would through the HDMI port as the DeX settings in the “change audio destination” show an image of an HDMI connector which I do not have connected so perhaps that’s a limitation of the dock or the implementation of the standard? No idea. Doesn’t the display port support audio as well?

It’s very hard to discern any pattern. Maybe the Pulseaudio updates were to blame for the lost pairings - I can’t tell, and even if it was, that would be a different issue than the stuttering problem. I am sure I didn’t do any convergence stuff, so that’s definitely not it for me.
I am guessing the stuttering problem will be solved somehow.
Hopefully the same goes for the backward compatibility with my (14 year old) car. Being able to do handsfree calls is quite a biggy. I will probably buy another car somewhere in the future, but untill then I would like to be able to make safe calls, without having to resort to awkward solutions like a headset.

My car is less than two years old and the SparkLAN card has trouble connecting to it. There are similar issues that @raenrfm has reported.

The only thing left to do is be patient and wait for a software fix.

Yeah I thought I had a eurika with the convergence on my lapdock but I still have random issues getting the audio path going to the bluetooth device, so maybe that was just a fluke coincidence. It definitely needs more work to become more stable, although it seems like stable and bluetooth in general shouldn’t be used in the same sentence…lol.

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I’m not sure what happened with the latest update but the bluetooth is working solidly now. Connects gets the audio path every time now and no stuttering.

Enjoy! What module?

I don’t remember it was a single file lib something…lol.

Redpine or SparkLan WPAN?

SparkLAN card.

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I am still getting some stuttering once and a while but very infrequently compared to before.

I thought the same thing before until it all broke down at random later. I hope it’s true this time. Keep us posted on your experience!

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i have to admit, it seems that BT works better now. A couple of days ago, the L5 had trouble connecting to just about any BT gadget in our house, and it was stuttering al over the place.
After having renewed all of the pairings, it appears BT is working pretty well (again).
Only thing left, is hands free phone calls in the car…

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Well that was good while it lasted…cannot get audio through my earbuds anymore. Not sure what changed if anything…I think I rebooted so that killed my joy.

It would really be nice to have this sorted out.

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Did you re-pair them?
I had trouble getting one of my speakers to produce any sound. I removed and re-paired them, and now they work (again).

Yes I think that worked because I tried that in frustration and it seems to be working again today. But I cannot say for sure.

Well, it probably doesn’t. Everytime I think something is finally fixed, it turns out it isn’t. I now can’t seem to get a working connection to my stereo.
It worked before. But now, no matter what I try, it does not work.
Phone says there is a bt connection, the connection established sound is played, but the music still eminates from the L5, not the stereo.
Very annoying.

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Yes that was me yesterday, I tried everything to no avail, then for no particular reason it’s working again today…maybe it’s based on moon cycles…lol. Like I said before, bluetooth at the best of times is frustrating to work with let alone on a development platform like the L5.

Well, with my Windows Phone there was one speaker that that was uncoperative at times (it sometimes refused to connect). All other equipement - including the car - 99 out of a 100 times connected without a hassle and played without ever stuttering. It worked flawlessly for years.
So, to me BT has always been a pretty much hassle free medium.
I was expecting some annoyances with the L5, but not with BT, maybe.


I’ve discovered something else peculiar with the bluetooth and audio path that seems repeatable. So on a fresh boot of the phone when connecting say my earbuds, they do not pass audio on the first connection attempt. It requires me toggling just the ear bud entry in the bluetooth menu and then it triggers the change in audio path.

If for some reason I turn off the bluetooth altogether either with the HWS or the soft toggle I cannot get the audio path to trigger properly. Connection happens but no audio to my earbuds.

Subsequently I have to reboot the phone and then do the toggle routine with my earbuds and everything works. Not sure if anyone else has discovered this or not but interested in hearing about it.

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All of the car BT systems I have tried are quite happy to pair with my L5, but only as an audio device, i.e. I can stream music etc. but not use it for calls. My experience with bluetooth headsets is similar. Headset audio recognized, but there is no headset microphone available in settings on the L5. This problem remains also after I upgraded my phone with the new Sparclan WiFi/BT card.

Are there any success stories out there where anybody has been able to pair the L5 with a bluetooth headset or car bluetooth system and having the microphone work?