Bluetooth support for Librem 5

I have some Raycon ear buds that work (well not very well for phone conversations) and a Bose bluetooth speaker that works for calls as well, but my old 2006 Infiniti G35 doesn’t pair with the phone at all even though my Samsung S22 does.

Are there any news with bluetooth on L5 and cars ? It still fails with my car.
Personally I care more about music streaming to the car audio system than use the telephone patch the car provides. But I still can not pair my device.

A couple tips that might be helpful.

For my car, I have to keep it as near as I can to the media console to establish and keep a connection.

Once the connection is made be sure to close out the bluetooth settings as it will stutter like crazy when playing music if you do not.

Is it just me or is bluetooth getting worse instead of beter?
Now the L5 keeps connecting to receivers and speakers while the music keeps emitting from the L5 speakers.¨Can we get back to the stuttering please?

As Linux it is not the best, why? Server. Linux something make noise or stutering on controller, why? because it is not superlinux to all machines, anyways there are huge improvements on WPAN/WLAN in Gnu Crimson. :wink:

I still not using my Librem 5, but Gnu Crimson by Purism.

No it does not work. After a while the rotating symbol freezes and it never connects.

Still no proper bt connections possible with devices that worked pretty well just a few weeks ago.
Can somebody please explain why the hell the bt, after so many months of updates still isn’t working properly?! How can it be worse than before?!