Bluetooth support for Librem 5

I have some Raycon ear buds that work (well not very well for phone conversations) and a Bose bluetooth speaker that works for calls as well, but my old 2006 Infiniti G35 doesn’t pair with the phone at all even though my Samsung S22 does.

Are there any news with bluetooth on L5 and cars ? It still fails with my car.
Personally I care more about music streaming to the car audio system than use the telephone patch the car provides. But I still can not pair my device.

A couple tips that might be helpful.

For my car, I have to keep it as near as I can to the media console to establish and keep a connection.

Once the connection is made be sure to close out the bluetooth settings as it will stutter like crazy when playing music if you do not.

Is it just me or is bluetooth getting worse instead of beter?
Now the L5 keeps connecting to receivers and speakers while the music keeps emitting from the L5 speakers.¨Can we get back to the stuttering please?

As Linux it is not the best, why? Server. Linux something make noise or stutering on controller, why? because it is not superlinux to all machines, anyways there are huge improvements on WPAN/WLAN in Gnu Crimson. :wink:

I still not using my Librem 5, but Gnu Crimson by Purism.

No it does not work. After a while the rotating symbol freezes and it never connects.

Still no proper bt connections possible with devices that worked pretty well just a few weeks ago.
Can somebody please explain why the hell the bt, after so many months of updates still isn’t working properly?! How can it be worse than before?!

I hope eventually audio can be completely switched over to PipeWire and Pulseaudio can be dropped.

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I found that if I connected it from the dropdown menu it works.

yes, i’ve noticed somthing similar.
if consistent, that would be an improvement.
i would not mind if purism would communicate these changes somewhere, instead of counting on us finding them out by ourselves.
(I still need to manually connect in the bt settings, but the sound now appears to stream through the devices again.)

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I’ve just bought a mini-chain. I can quickly connect via Bluetooth to project music from the Librem5 to the mini-chain. But the sound cuts out about every 5 seconds, only to come back and re-cut and re-cut and re-cut… do you see a solution?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a solution to fixing the stuttering.

From what I have observed I suspect it to be an issue related to interference. I say that because when I am driving through rural areas with no cars I have no stuttering in my car, but if I am in a busy part of the city the stuttering is constant.

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Some updates came through today that included some bluetooth library and application changes. I’ve been able to listen to stutter free music for the past hour connected to Airpod Pro 2’s with the phone sitting in front of me in desktop mode.


yes! I just did an update that included an update concerning the bluetooth and my problem is solved I think! :smiley:

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I tried to take it for a walk this evening and listen to a podcast, sadly it was immediately
stuttering once I left my desk area lol :frowning:

I am Curious if your stutering come from SparkLan or Redpine module.?

It is a Sparklan module

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Indeed, without a lot of interference of other Bluetooth devices and clear line of sight, the audio stream can be stutter free across 15 ft (5 m) or so.

At home I have a decent experience, but at work where every laptop, printer, mouse, etc, is spewing a Bluetooth and WiFi signal can’t be further than 3 ft (1 m) AND I have to position it just right to hear the audio stream; that’s with some occasional stuttering if I move the wrong way.


Using my new Bluetooth-keyboard from time to time and have some different issues:

  1. I switch between keyboard USB-cable (PC) to Bluetooth (L5) and from time to time it finds no connection, other times it takes 10 seconds and again other times it connects nearly instantly. I have no idea why it’s that different. Quick-settings button off and on usually helps in first case.
  2. Sometimes Phosh shows Bluetooth quick settings button like HKS is off. I even had it one time, that using HKS (off and on) did not change anything. Restarting device ended in L5 did not shut down (screen off, nothing happened - 7s off-button-press was successfully).
    Same issue again, W-LAN and Bluetooth-button where usable and HKS turning off did not change (buttons still usable). Same restart issue.

Otherwise it works fine for me (at home).