Bluetooth USB 5.0 for Librem Mini

Does anybody here has a recommendation to buy which brand which model?
I plan to use with bluetooth keyboard, and headset.

So you don’t want to use the built-in Bluetooth? / you specifically need Bluetooth 5.0?

My Librem Mini does not has Bluetooth. I don’t see icon on top menu bar.
Yes, I do need Bluetooth 5.0 to match my Sony M4

Are you in a position to test those headphones with a Bluetooth 4.0 device? Sure, the headphones might say (somewhere) that they are Bluetooth 5.0 but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not downward compatible.

The Purism web site says that Bluetooth is “optional” so I guess that could be correct. Did you order it with or without Bluetooth?

If you need a nice respond please add full info of ur system and task.
I fully tired from opensourcelinuxmobile,android people here.

It does not has Bluetooth. Therefore I have to find one.

My system is default Librem Mini(PureOS) and tasks are backend programming, mobile programming, train deep network model, browsing the Internet, use wireless devices.

@elcolie then the reason for not having Bluetooth is the OS not the hardware the wireless Chip within the librem mini has Bluetooth capability and if you’d install for example ubuntu you’d get the Bluetooth option. But since PureOS does not contain any non free software the firmware component needed for the Bluetooth functionality of the wireless card is missing.
See Librem 14 - no bluetooth as an example where someone is having the exact same problem with the Librem14 and the solution there.
As you can see from the follow up questions in that thread, this might not the the perfect solution for your use case either so you still might have to find an alternative usb dongle or replace the wireless card with something else.