Bomgar Represenstative Console

I am interested in a 15" Librem 15" laptop.
However its crititcal for me to be able to turn the Bomgar Represantative Console. Its available in Linux 64 but I want to be sure it works on PureOS.

Hi @Rogier,

PureOS is based on Debian, so any package that supports debian should run on PureOS (soe may require the installation of non-free packages though, which is neither recommended nor easy to maintain).

From Bomgar’s Linux compatbility Guide is seems that they do not officially support Debian. On a more positive side they support Ubuntu, which derives from Debian too. There is quite a chance that their product runs on Debian.

If you want to make sure it will work as intended, you can download PureOS, run it in a Virtual Machine (e.g. GNOME Boxes or VirtualBox) and try to install and run Bomgar’s software.

Thanks for your reply!

I tried to install PureOS under VMWare Fusion 10 on my iMac without success.