Boot from USB key, not won't boot from internal HD

I booted from a USB key, pressed esc during boot and selected it. Then shut down and removed it, booted up again, esc and selected the internal, I put in my crypt password, successes, but nothing after that. Just sits on PureOS screen. I suspect this is a coreboot issue. Can I run the updater script from a live USB?

Nothing to do with coreboot. Did you perhaps edit your existing installation while in live session?

No, all I did was ensure it was a working key for later use on a different computer.

I have it booted into a PureOS live key now and I have all the dependencies installed for the Coreboot from source. Should I not run that?

Looking at my boot order, there are only the 3 options, my nvme and the 2 default coreboot ones.

Click escape when you unlock the encrypted disk to see the output, perhaps it will give us something useful.

Unrelated to the USB keys. I used the network manager applet to change to a static IP and now everything is crapping the bed trying to start.