Boot issues Librem 15 V4

Hi everyone !

I am experiencing some issues with pureboot…I have received yesterday my Librem 15 V4 but it is impossible to boot it…everytime I want to start the computer I get a message “Failed default boot” and I don’t understand why…if someone could help it would be nice :wink::ok_hand:!
I have tried to force the boot with the options boot but it does not recognize the default password…


I recommend emailing You will probably get a faster, more comprehensive answer that way

Thanks you I will do that :wink::+1:

@alx the documentation regarding the first boot can be found here
Most advanced use cases are described a little bit further down
If you want to read up on the topic but It might be a good idea to wait till you hear back from purism support before trying anything else to not worsen the situation you got your self into.