Boxes or Virtualbox without Guest Additions & Extpack?



I’ve ordered a Librem 15 and I intend to run virtual machines on it. So I’d like to know the community’s opinion about this dilemma of choosing between Boxes or Virtualbox. Is Virtualbox, without its proprietary software (guest additions and Extension Pack), completely open source, as Boxes is? If so, why not Virtualbox? And what are the issues, if any, of running Virtualbox in a Librem Laptop if I also have no intention of making concessions about not using proprietary software? Thanks


I can’t speak intelligently on boxes vs virtualbox. Regarding the second half of your questions; I’ve only been running pureos for a little while, and I had to add a .list to sources.list.d and an associated preferences file in preferences.d to limit that source to only the apps I need for work. It is doable but not “ideal”. If you are not careful you can create hard to resolve issues doing this.

An easier way, if you don’t care about proprietary software, would be to run stock Debian and add the non-free repo. This way you aren’t making a frankenlinux that may be more difficult to work with later.