Boxes USB Redirect Not Working

On my Librem 13, I installed a virtual machine in the Boxes app, using a freshly downloaded PureOS image.

While the virtual machine seems to be working ok, I cannot get the USB re-direct feature to work.
When I go into the Boxes [Properties] submenu and enable the USB device, the USB device is unmounted on my physical system…which is good…but then in the virtual machine, the device never appears in the Files app.

Anybody have some ideas?

I have sometimes needed to install Spice guest tools within the VM to have devices work correctly. What OS does the VM have?

VM has PureOS

Within the PureOS VM, try opening up the Terminal and running

sudo apt install spice-vdagent

Might have to restart the VM.

looks like spice-vdagen is already installed.

Ah, wait, how did you install GNOME Boxes? I don’t think the Flatpak version of GNOME Boxes currently supports USB redirection, so if you have the Flatpak version, that would probably be the issue.

Thanks! I will check this out. I didn’t manually install Boxes, it was pre-installed when I got the laptop.