Brand new L5 for sale, EU, 690EUR

Hi all,

I just received my L5 yesterday - after 4 years and 5 days :slight_smile:
I’m happy I received it but already having Pinephone and a gazillion of other gadgets without a use case I decided to part with it right away.
This is a regular Evergreen batch, taken out of the box, charged, played with for ~2 hours and put back in its box. The display cover is peeled off.

I paid 599USD for it back in 2019, plus ~150USD now for tax, customs fees etc.
Converted this comes to 690EUR if I’m not mistaken.
Edit: tracked and insured shipping included :slight_smile:

I would like to keep the sale within EU please.

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Hi - does that exclude Brexit Britain?


I’m willing send it to UK no problem, it just seems stupid to me that I just paid import tax on it and you would probably have to again on your side…
Let’s see if there’s any interest from within EU within the next couple of days and if there are no takers we can talk then, is that ok?


Yes, that’s fine, thank you.

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Thanks for interest, this is now sold.

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