Brand new L5 won‘t boot

today I received my L5, thank you for your hard work making this possible!

Unfortunately, I cannot boot into the device. I‘ve charged the battery for several hours (until the red charging light turned off). When I boot the device, it shows the first Librem 5 logo, and then sometimes blanks and does not proceed.

If it continues booting, either of three things happens at the prompt for the decryption password:

  • the keyboard is frozen and I cannot enter anything OR
  • after the first key is pressed the phone freezes and vibrates until I turn it off OR
  • I can enter up to 4 numbers and then the device freezes so I cannot enter the rest of the numbers.

The behaviour is erratic, I cannot reproduce the same starting sequence twice. It doesn‘t matter whether the device is connected to the power plug or not, I cannot finish the prompt for the decryption password.

Please help!

Get in touch with support, sounds like you might have to reflash it.

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